The Sway's Terms and Conditions


1. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure your booking.
2. Full balance of payment must be received 14 days prior to the event.
3. If the full balance is not received by the due date, The Sway will consider it as a cancellation (see fees below).
4. Full payment is required at the time of booking if the event is within 7 days of booking.
5. By making and confirming a booking, the hirer unconditionally accepts all of the Terms & Conditions.


1. Booking deposits are non-refundable.
2. If a cancellation is notified:
     a. Within 30 days of the booked event, you will be liable for a further 25% of the booking fee.
     b. Within 14 days of the booked event, you will be liable for the full booking fee.


1. The booking fee may be subject to change if any details of the booking changes (such as the event times, event location, number of guests, use of the keg service, cocktail service, use of additional services). Any changes agreed will be subject to these Terms & Conditions.
2. Any extra time worked by the bar staff and required on the day will be charged at $150/hour.


1. If power is required and not available at your venue, a generator will be provided by us at an additional cost. All details can be discussed during the booking process.


1. We do not provide refunds in case of bad weather.
2. In the event of rain, it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements and advise us at least 48 hours prior to the event. Terms & Conditions


1. For events held in venues other than private property, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain relevant permission from the Council. Written confirmation will be required with booking deposit to secure your date.
2. Client is responsible for paying any charges or fines imposed by the venue, or required to access the venue or excess charges getting to the venue. These charges may include, but are not limited to, parking, ferry fees, tolls.
3. Client is to ensure an accessible flat surface of 6.1m long x 2.25m wide x 2.45m high.
4. Client is to ensure that the parking spot for the car and caravan can be accessed easily without any overly steep inclines or declines and soft muddy grass.
5. We require access for set-up at least 2 hours before we are required to serve drinks.


1. Any breakage or damage to The Sway belongings inflicted by a guest at your event is considered your responsibility and the repair will be passed on to you.


1. We do not sell alcohol.
2. Client is to ensure access to the pre-chilled beverages on the menu upon arrival of the caravan.
3. We will not be held liable for the quality of the alcohol provided by you.
4. We reserve the right to refuse service to underage or intoxicated people.
5. Our bar service includes bottled beverages only (champagne, wine, beer, cider, soft drinks), simple spirits mixers, and beer on tap. For other alcohol service such as cocktails, we will require another staff member to operate at full efficiency. Please advise us when booking if you require such services.


1. The client gives permission for all photos taken during the event to be used on The Sway website and social media and other promotional material. We will remove images if requested in writing and comply with not displaying any images upfront if notified in writing only beforehand.


1. Terms used in this document shall have the following meanings:
     a. “booking fee” means the fee as notified to you by us for the booking;
     b. “client”, “the hirer”, “you”, “your” means you, the person booking our service;
     c. “Terms & Conditions” means the terms and conditions upon which the booking for The Sway services is made and which is set out in this document;

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